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How we customize Shopify

2018 is going to be a big year. Just like its predecessor, 2018 will be another year of optimizing our Shopify stores in every way we can. We'll be customizing Shopify storesadding new processes to better our operations, finding new ways to market our productscreating engaging conversations with our audience, introducing new products and servicing every customer as if it's the first time we talk to them

Like we said, 2018 is going to be a big year! So how can we accomplish this? Through research, building, testing, optimization, and repetition. Although we're going to be covering these topics, and many more, all throughout the year (podcast coming soon!), today we're going to be talking about Shopify customizations and how we work with our clients in 2018. 

Common Shopify Customizations

Since 2013, our team of Shopify Experts has worked on over 600 Shopify stores. These range from brands that are just starting out all the way to Inc. 500 companies. While some stores might've only needed to customize a few things on their store others have hired Pixel Supply to customize their entire store's experience. Below are some 10 examples of common Shopify Customizations:

  1. Fixing margins and spacing on theme
  2. Tabs on product pages
  3. Custom fonts
  4. Adding custom Sections to existing Shopify themes
  5. Product page with Shopify Sections
  6. Hand-picked related products for cross-selling
  7. Mega-menu for navigation menus
  8. Custom dropdown menus
  9. Adding color swatches to variants
  10. Custom mobile experience 

Unique Shopify customizations

Although we've worked on the most common Shopify customizations, we've also hacked our way at some amazing unique Shopify customizations. Some of these include:

  1. Subscription box Shopify store
  2. Digital fitness program with progress tracking
  3. Custom store locator
  4. Order delivery date
  5. Upselling based on cart products
  6. Custom event calendar
  7. "Build your own" product builder with live preview
  8. Shopify AJAX API 
  9. Free sample with order
  10. Custom Shopify themes

Process of Customizing Shopify

Every year we look at how we can improve our process and 2018 is no different! No matter how big or small a Shopify customization may be, our process is always well thought out and tailored for each project. Below are some key phases during every project we work on:

I. Research

Research is always the first phase of every project. This phase can start when we first talk with our client. It could be on the first email we respond with or during subsequent conversations we have with our clients. A clear understanding of the customization is essential to ensure no loss of time is experienced after the customization is complete and presented to our clients. From experience our customers love answering questions! 

II. Shopify Web Development

Once our team has all of the information needed to complete the customization, and a few cups of coffee, the Shopify Web Development phase begins. Depending on the level of the customization the timeframe of this phase can vary immensely. No matter how short or long the timeframe is during development, our team is in constant communication with the client to ensure timely updates are being given.

III. Customization Testing

After the Shopify Web Development phase is complete, one of our team members will begin testing the customizations. Testing is done on both mobile and desktop on all of the latest browser versions.

IV. Client Review

Once all testing is complete, the client will have time to review the customization and give feedback for our team to assess. We do this by walking the client through the customization so they have a good understanding of how the project was complete. If the customization requires future editing by the client a training is given to ensure they understand how to maintain it.

V. Maintenance

Once the Customization Testing phase is complete, we begin the Maintenance phase. During this phase we make any updates given by the client once their review is complete. In a timely manner, our team will make any necessary adjustments before the final review. 

VI. Final Approval & Launch

After Maintenance is completed, the client will review the customization one final time before giving our team the green light to publish and go live. Confetti and high-fives are usually thrown around at this stage!

We're always listening!

Through the years we've heard some pretty outside-of-the-box ideas from our clients but no matter how crazy they may sound we always aim to find the solution that best fits the needs of our client. Just like them, we have a lot of those crazy ideas here at Pixel Supply as well!

Although all of the information above may give you a preview of how we work with our clients, at the end of the day we treat every project as a unique opportunity. 2018 has a lot of opportunities ahead and we hope you'll be along for the ride!

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